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Equine Zone Visits - Terms & Conditions

1. All visits must be booked before 6pm on the last working day before the zone visit day.

2. Although we will try to accommodate appointments made on the day of zone visit, if it necessitates a
detour from the veterinary surgeons planned route, a full visit fee may be charged. You will be
advised of this when making the appointment.

3. Appointment times cannot be given in advance/at the time of making appointments, but an estimated
“window” of arrival can be given on the day of the zone visits.

4. We will try to maintain some consistency of veterinary surgeons working in each zone, but due to
other commitments we cannot guarantee the veterinary surgeon who will attend.

5. All fees, drug charges, etc must be paid at the time of the visit.

6. Zone visit fee: £15.00 inc VAT. Shared if multiple clients at one visit point.

7. Payments accepted by card, cheque and cash.

8. Booking any additional work may result in a full visit fee being charged.

9. Any payments declined or not accepted in any way will be invoiced with a full visit fee.

10. Equine passports are required to be present for all appointments.

11. Appropriate zone is based on the horse stabling address and not owner’s home address.

12. We reserve the right to alter any rules, terms and conditions.

13. The scheme will be reviewed on a six month, rolling basis.

14. Phone 01508-558228 for any details.

Additional Savings:

1. Worm Egg Counts
Save on unnecessary worming costs and help prevent worms
developing resistance to wormers by using our in-house, 24hr worm
egg count service. £9.46 inc VAT. Discounts arranged for larger

2. Wormers
In conjunction with our zone visits it will be possible to purchase
wormers at reduced, “cash & carry” prices.

3. Routine Dentistry
Receive an additional 5% discount off our competitive dentistry rates on
zone visit days. Both manual and electrical rasping available.

Contact 01508-558228 for further details.