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Fleas are the most common of the external parasites. They are around all year round and can be the underlying cause of many skin problems.

Although you may only see adult fleas or their droppings on your pet, they are continually shedding eggs into the environment (your home!). This is how flea infestations take hold in your house. Remember, for every adult flea on your pet, there are up to 500 developing in your carpets. If your pet swallows a flea whilst grooming it can then infest itself with a type of tapeworm that lives part of its lifecycle inside the flea. Very effective products are available in spot-on and spray form that can be used for the treatment and prevention of fleas. Fleas are also capable of transmitting myxomatosis to rabbits. Rabbit fleas are happy to hitch a lift on your cat or dog so treating them can be a vital part of your rabbit’s healthcare.


Ticks are oval shaped insects that attach firmly to your pet’s skin in order to feed. They can resemble a grayish wart-like lump and get bigger as they swell with your pet's blood. Never attempt to pull a tick off as this can leave the mouthparts embedded in your pet's skin and lead to infection. Some of the flea products also kill ticks – please ask us for advice on the best treatment and prevention. Ticks can also be carefully removed by unscrewing the mouthparts with a specially designed tick hook. Ticks can transmit disease to you pets and your family.