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We have pharmacies in all our clinics from where drugs can be collected. Our main farm animal pharmacies are in our Long Stratton and Brooke clinics. All the drugs are stored correctly (temperature and in some cases light!). Our dispensaries undergo regular, official inspections by the Veterinary Medicines Inspectorate. As well as checks on how we record in-coming stock; the storage facilities and our records of out-going (sold) stock, we must demonstrate a good level of knowledge of all the regulations. These inspections can be a bit nerve-racking, but thankfully we always pass!

Farmer Training

At CVP we believe that training and further education is vital. Both for the vets and for people who care for and look after animals.

It is a Royal College Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) requirement that all vets in practice should complete at least 35 hours of CPD each year. AT CVP, our vets undertake a variety of different things to fulfill their CPD requirements by attending courses and talks, reading articles, taking part in webinars and preparing and taking part in meetings for our clients. This means that our vets keep up to date with current techniques and medicines.

Courses that have been run or are coming up include:

DIY AI Training – run over 3.5 days, successful trainees will be legally allowed to AI cows.

DIY AI Refresher Day – important to make sure your AI technique (from semen handling to insemination) is at the level it should be to maintain good conception.

Foot Trimming – 1 or 2 day courses teaching the Dutch 5 stage trimming techniques, recognizing different causes of lameness and foot lesions in cattle.

Safe Use of Medicines – with increased pressure to use medicines responsibly, this course includes safe injection techniques + what drugs to use and when and how.

Lambing Courses – ideal for people starting out with sheep and wanting a refresher, to know how to deal with sheep around the lambing time – when to intervene and when to let nature take its course.

Ewe/Tup Pre-Breeding – Ensure that both ewes and Tups are in the right condition to maximize the reproductive performance of your flock.

Johne’s Workshop – reduce risk of Johne’s disease on your farm.

Fresh Cow Management – ensure maximum production from your cows after calving.

Calf Health – ensure your calves get the best start possible.

BVD – seminar on importance of eradicating/keeping BVD out of your farm.

If you would like to receive information about courses we are running by email please send a message to:

Flock Health Plans

Flock Health Plans using the same plan as the BCVA herd health plans.

Health plans provide excellent reference points and information for your herd. They should be reviewed annually or sooner if a particular problem arises.

  • Endo and Ecto-parasitic advice.
  • Vaccination plans.
  • Blood sampling for MV accreditation.
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