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Stem Cell Therapy

Cutting Edge Treatment For Tendon And Ligament Injuries

Our equine department has been treating horses with potentially career ending tendon and ligament injuries using the most advanced technique available, involving the injection of stem cells directly into injured tissues. Damaged fibres are replaced with new ones rather than weaker and less elastic scar tissue that would otherwise be produced.

Working in partnership with biotechnology company Vetcell (, the treatment involves the collection of a sample of bone marrow by one of our equine vets from the breast bone or pelvis under standing sedation. The sample of marrow is taken by courier to Vetcell's Edinburgh based laboratory, where the stem cells are separated and placed in a special culture medium. Here they multiply for 2-3 weeks until approximately 10 million viable cells are produced. The liquid suspension of stem cells are returned to our clinic where the patient is treated on a day outpatient basis.

The stem cells are injected, under sterile conditions, directly into the core of torn fibres using ultrasound guidance, allowing very accurate placement of cells. Once injected, the stem cells, under the influence of substances produced by other tendon or ligament tissue, develop into new tendon or ligament fibres. The end result is a structure which is much more resistant to re-injury compared with tissues treated using all other currently available therapies.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this service to all our clients.

If you would like to discuss stem cell therapy with any of our equine vets, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic.