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Lameness / Back Pain

The investigation of poor performance is a particular specialty of the practice, particularly where orthopaedic limb and back problems are involved. Changes in performance, behaviour, gait or willingness to exercise can all be related to back pain and/or lameness. Even if lameness is not readily visible to the owner, many horses with back pain or a drop off in performance are actually lame, frequently in several limbs simultaneously. A thorough orthopaedic examination of these cases by an experienced equine clinician is essential to identify or eliminate the presence of lameness.

Further investigation of orthopaedic problems involves the use of a number of diagnostic tools, including nerve blocking, radiography and ultrasonography. We have many years experience investigating equine orthopaedic conditions and are fortunate to have the facilities to undertake complex nerve blocking, along with radiographic and ultrasonographic imaging of affected areas.

Nerve blocks involve the injection of short acting local anaesthetic into a joint/tendon canal or around a nerve to desensitise an area to see if the lameness or gait abnormality changes. A series of nerve blocks may need to be carried out to localise the site or sites of pain.

Further investigations with radiography and ultrasonography can then be undertaken.

We offer an extensive range of treatments for an equally extensive range of conditions, commonly including conditions such as kissing spines, sacro-iliac injuries, suspensory ligament desmitis, tendonitis, joint pain, OCD, limb fractures and annular ligament syndrome. Please feel free to contact the clinic to discuss any aspects of orthopaedic injury, investigation and treatment options.