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Endoscopy is primarily used to examine the respiratory tract from the nostrils to the lungs including the sinuses, pharynx (back of throat), guttural pouches, larynx, trachea and lungs. It can also be used to examine the back of the mouth, the oesophagus (food pipe) and stomach, along with the reproductive tract, bladder and rectum.

We have recently purchased a new endoscope with video and still image recording capabilities, allowing us to record examinations and view the procedure on a monitor rather than having to peer down the end of the scope. The extended length of our new scope allows complete examination of the stomach to identify any evidence of gastric ulceration.

The endoscopy equipment includes a 2.7m long cable connected to a camera, which is in turn connected to a lap top computer where the image is viewed. Still photos and video footage are stored on the computer for future reference. Endoscopy can be performed either at the clinic or at home. It requires a dark stable with a power supply nearby. Depending on the area being examined your vet may need to sedate the patient lightly as some horses/ponies will not tolerate the procedure.