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Visits & Zones

The comprehensive services we offer are complimented by a widespread ambulatory service for equines.

Appointments can be booked by contacting the 
Brooke Equine Clinic - 01508 558228.

For routine visit appointments it is advisable to contact the clinic in advance of the day you would like us to visit, to help us in arranging a convenient time for your visit – we can get very busy at certain seasonal times when more animal problems will occur!

Emergency calls are always prioritised and this will on occasions necessitate delaying a pre-booked routine call to attend the emergency. We are always extremely grateful for the understanding of those clients inconvenienced by a delay when these emergencies occur.

Out-of-hours our dedicated, veterinary telephone answering service will handle your emergency telephone calls expediently. We deal with all our own out-of-hours calls and do not out-source to other veterinary practices. To enable us to do this we have three small animal veterinary surgeons covering our small animal clinics and two vets covering the farm and equine calls.

Additionally we have four equine zone visit days. These cater for pre-booked visits in certain areas on certain set days. In return for the convenience of allowing us to improve our efficiency and time management, the visit charge is reduced to £15.00 including VAT; a saving of more than 70% on a normal visit charge. Refer to the zone visit map to see which area you are in (or telephone our Brooke clinic to check) and the attached section for full terms and conditions for our zone visits.

Zone Days

Monday - 1,2,6     Tuesday - 3     Wednesday - 5     Thursday - 4


Terms and Conditions