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Influenza (Flu) only:

Primary course 3 injections

Day 1
Day 21-90 (3 - 12 weeks)
Day 150 - 215 (5 - 7 months)

After the primary course an annual booster for flu is necessary.

Tetanus only:

Primary course 2 injections

Day 1
Day 28 - 42 (4 - 6 weeks)

After primary course a booster needs to be given every two years.

Most owners use the combined vaccination course for flu and tetanus. This involves a combination of the above courses:

Day 1: Flu and Tetanus
Day 21-90 (3 - 12 weeks): Flu and Tetanus
Day 150 - 215 (5 - 7 months) Flu
1 year later : Flu and Tetanus
1 year later : Flu
3 year later: Flu and Tetanus etc

Boosters can be upto and including the day it is due. It is not uncommon for owners to forget about boosters and miss the renewal date. If you are not going competing at event where passports are inspected, then a few days over the due date will not make any difference and it is not necessary to start the primary course again. If however you are likely to attend these events in the future then you will have to start the influenza component again. It may be possible to continue with the tetanus program as this lasts for 2 years. Please be aware that it is an offence for a veterinary surgeon to back date vaccinations in equine passports, so please do not ask for this to be done if you have gone over the due date.