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Dentistry Routine

All the equine vets in the practice are experienced in routine dentistry using our extensive range of manual and electrical/motorized dental equipment. We carry out routine examinations and floating of teeth on a regular basis.

Some patients can be treated without the need for any form of chemical restraint (sedation), however it is worthwhile considering that it is difficult to carry out a thorough examination and rasping if a patient gets distressed or excited. Many owners have concerns about sedating their horses for what is considered a routine procedure. Modern sedatives are extremely safe drugs and very rarely cause serious side effects. They also work much more effectively at lower doses if they are used before the patient gets distressed and excited. It is therefore better to give a little sedative to patients that are likely to react at the start of the treatment, rather than waiting until they are already excited. The relatively low additional cost is usually well worthwhile and makes the whole procedure much more "enjoyable" for patient and owner.

Complex dental procedures can only be undertaken by a qualified veterinary surgeon. We are able to advise on all aspects of dental care including extractions, deformities/injury to teeth etc.