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Care of In-Patients


Information for Owners on Overnight Care of Horses

    We have 6 stables in the main block two of these are heated and insulated, and have IV fluid line provisions, there is CCTV in the stables.
    There is also a large heated mare and foal box
    There is a small size door on one of the stables so that minis are able to view the stable yard.
    All stables have weaving guards and also the ability to stop horses looking over the door should they have and IV line in place.
    We generally use bed down bedding or shavings, please let us know if your horse has specific bedding requests.
    We have haylage or haylage light and hay to feed, please let us know what you would like your horse to be fed.
    We have a variety of feeds available – again please let us know what your horse is normally fed or please bring your own fed in with you.
    Your horse will be rugged overnight if they are accustomed to this or if we feel they are cold.
    Horses will have the last day time check at 6.30pm.
    If they are generally healthy, they will be checked once overnight at about 10pm.
    If they are unwell or need more intensive care then this will be provided.
    There is no-one living on site. This also applies over the weekend.
    Nurses and vets arrive before 8am each morning.
    We have two turnout paddocks which are meticulously poo-picked, long term patients can be turned out for a few hours during the day but will never be left turned out when there is no-one on site.
    Horses are fed hard feed twice daily at 8am and 5pm. They are usually fed from haynets unless medical problems prohibit this, they have plastic water buckets without metal handles in their stables.
    They will be checked at least every 4 hours during daytimes and over weekend daytimes.