A microchip provides permanent identification with one quick injection of an implant. The microchip is approximately the size of a LARGE grain of rice and is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades (in cats and dogs). This procedure can be carried out during a normal consultation.

Each microchip has its own unique number that is then linked with your contact details on a national database. Should your pet go missing it may end up in a rescue centre, at a veterinary surgery, with the dog warden or the police. If your pet is microchipped it can be easily scanned to find the number which will then allow it to be identified and quickly reunited with you.

Please remember that if you change your phone numbers/contact details it is essential that you update your information with the Petlog National Database www.petlog.org.uk. Without this information there would be no way to contact you in the event of your pet being found. If you acquire a new pet that is already microchipped to a previous owner you will also need to update the owner information at Petlog.

It will be compulsory to have your dogs microchipped from 2016.