Dairy Cattle

We travel to herds in both Norfolk and Suffolk and have herds ranging from the odd house cow to 450 cow units. We work in conjunction with nutritionists, foot trimmers and genetic consultants. We attend some farms on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis or to other units when needed, be it day or night!


Ultrasound scanning - pregnancy scanning using BCF Easi-scanners for both dairy and beef using mobile scanners from 30 days of pregnancy. Having regular weekly or fortnightly visits for pregnancy diagnosis and treatment of "not-seen bullers" will help to improve the fertility on your unit.

Software programmes - Interherd, Herd Companion and CIS allow us with your permission to help analyse your data and produce written reports.

Bull Fertility - Bull Breeding Soundness examination. Full examination of your bull including semen collection by electro-ejaculation. Written report provided. Cost £50 per bull. No visit charge if two or more bulls tested at same time.

In conjunction with Semex UK we run DIY AI training courses. This allows you to be trained to AI your own cattle. This course is open to both dairy and beef clients.


Mastitis and Somatic Cell Count (SCC) investigations undertaken. Samples taken and analysed to identify causal agents. Milking routines observed. Advice on Milking Cow and Dry Cow therapies.

Software programmes - Interherd, Herd Companion and CIS allow us with your permission to help analyse your data.

Herd Health Planning

Herd Health plans created using the British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA) herd health plans. Health plans created for both dairy and beef.

Health plans provide excellent reference points and information for your herd. They should be reviewed annually or sooner if a particular problem arises.

Milk/Blood Testing for Norfolk and Suffolk BVD Eradication scheme.

Vaccination protocols

Pneumonia advice – vaccination and housing advice


Individual lame cows treated

Herd investigations, including locomotion scoring and advice on foot bath treatments.

Routine Procedures

Disbudding + Dehorning


Supernummery Teat Removal


All vets are Official veterinarians (OV) formerly LVI’s allowing us to carry out work on behalf of Defra

Tuberculin Testing, routine herd tests, tracing tests and pre- and post- movement testing.

Anthrax investigations – all sudden deaths should be reported.

Brucella investigations – all abortions (any calving that takes place before 271 days gestation including live births) should be reported.