Saying goodbye to a much loved pet is a very difficult decision. This is an incredibly personal matter and we shall always be available to discuss the situation with you to ensure you feel as prepared as possible before the day arrives. By knowing what options are available we hope to make this as easy a decision as possible for you to make.

Most often we will inject the horse with a solution that contains an anaesthetic as well as an agent that will stop their heart. This may be injected through an intravenous catheter. As a prearranged appointment we can offer euthanasia by use of a gun if this is the owner's wishes.

We can arrange collection of the horse's body which usually happens promptly, or if prearranged can be coordinated with our visit. An option is available for having your horse's ashes back should this be chosen. For those who own their own land, legislation currently allows you to bury your horse, but only if your horse is kept as a pet and is not used for any business purpose. Consult DEFRA and your local council for further information and details regarding legal requirements.

Most insurance companies request that, where possible, they are informed before euthanasia of a horse, some may also require a post mortem examination in order to process a claim. It is helpful to know these details well in advance.

The Passport Issuing Organisation also need to be informed of a horse’s death, in order to maintain their records, this usually involves returning the passport to the passport issuing organisation in question.