Making an appointment     01508 530686

Once you are registered and accepted as a client of the practice, we will provide routine and emergency services according to our terms and conditions of business. If you wish to make a routine appointment simply call the office during normal hours. For routine services it is advisable to arrange the appointment several days in advance if a specific date is required. Same day appointments for routine visits are normally available but not always possible to guarantee, with the exception of an emergency.

For equine and farm animal appointments, you may be given a specific time or time window, or you may be asked to call the office on the day of the appointment to arrange/confirm a time. Small animal appointments during consulting hours will be allocated at the time of booking and are dependant on availability.

Whilst we make every effort to keep all appointments, the nature of veterinary practice means that there are occasions when the vet will have to cancel or re-organise a pre-arranged appointment at short notice to attend an emergency situation, or a different vet from that previously booked to attend may attend. We endeavour to keep you informed of any changes and to minimize any disruption or inconvenience caused by the necessary prioritisation of emergency calls.