Admissions      01603 743725

Scheduled surgical procedures and investigations are carried out from Monday to Friday at Costessey. A hospital appointment will be made for your pet, booking them into an appropriate kennel for the day.

We ask that dogs and cats undergoing sedation or anaesthesia have been starved from 6.00pm the night before the procedure. A bowl of water can be left down all night and taken up first thing in the morning. Dogs should be taken out to allow urination and defecation before coming to the surgery.

An admission appointment will be made for the morning of the operation between 8.30am and 9.00am. At this appointment a nurse will go through the consent form for your pet's procedure. You will be asked to sign this form to give permission for us to carry out the detailed procedures and to say that you understand that all fees are payable at the time of collection of your pet. We also ask for contact phone numbers at this time. It is very important that we are able to reach you on these numbers in case any unexpected findings or procedures need to be discussed during your pet's stay with us.